Inkanyamba in a river near a waterfall. With green skin, red frills on its back and a yellow mouth.

The Inkanyamba is a mythical serpentine or eel-like cryptid from Zulu and Xhosa folklore. The Zulu and Xhosa believe Inkanyamba is a supernatural aquatic creature that lives in turbulent waters at the base of waterfalls. It also lives in lakes and rivers. The waterfall most commonly associated with the creature is Howick Falls near Pietermaritzburg … Read more


Nahuelito under the water. Large dragon like creature green with amber eyes

Nahuelito is a serpentine monster supposedly native to Nahuel Huapi Lake, near Bariloche city, in the Province of Río Negro, Patagonia, Argentina. Nahuelito is named after the lake it supposedly inhabits. The legend of Nahuelito reportedly originated among aboriginal tribes, such as the Mapuche. The Mapuche told the first European settlers stories about a monster … Read more


Mamlambo under the sea a mermaid type creature with a woman's upper body and a fish tail.

Mamlambo is a mythical shape-shifting water spirit or river goddess in Xhosa and Zulu (South African) mythology. It may manifest as a freshwater reptile-fish monster or a mermaid (woman-fish chimera). According to folklore, Mamlabo lives in the Mzintlava River (Umzimvubu River) near Mount Ayliff township (eMaxesibeni) in the Eastern Cape Province. Description Mamlambo as a … Read more

Tahoe Tessie

The Tahoe Tessie seen with its long neck sticking out of the lake at dawn.

The Tahoe Tessie is an alleged lake monster that lives in Lake Tahoe, an alpine freshwater lake at an elevation of more than 6,200 feet in the Sierra Nevada mountain range that straddles California and Nevada. At a maximum depth of 1644 feet, Lake Tahoe is the second-deepest lake in the United States. The legend … Read more


The mussie seen here as a serpentine lake monster rearing out of a forboding lake

The mussie is a lake monster from Canadian folklore. It allegedly lives in the Muskrat Lake in Whitewater Region, near Cobden village, Renfrew County, Ontario. The legend of the mussie reportedly originated in the early 1900s. However, some claim there were references to the monster in the early 17th-century writings of Samuel de Champlain, the … Read more


Storsjöodjuret seen swimming in some murky water. With its whiskets, blue-grey skin and a white mane running the length of its body.

Storsjöodjuret (or Storsjöodjur) is a lake monster from Swedish folklore. The creature allegedly lives in Lake Storsjön in the Jämtland province of Sweden. Lake Storsjön is the largest in central Sweden and the fifth largest in the country. It covers an area of 179 square miles and has a maximum depth of about 240 feet. The … Read more

Lake Worth Monster

The Lake Worth Monster with its goat head seen squatting at the endge of the lake.

The Lake Worth Monster is a cryptid many people reported sighting in the summer of 1969 at Lake Worth and Greer Island, Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas, United States. People alleged seeing the monster roaming on Greer Island in the middle of the lake. According to local folklore, the monster lived along the shores of … Read more


The Buru is a large crocodile-like creature, seen here in a swamp with its large mouth open revealing some rather terrifying teeth.

The Buru (Bura) is a mythical cryptid that features in the origin legends of the Apatani (Tanw) of the Ziro (Silo) valley in the Eastern Himalayan Lower Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh, India. Professor Christoph von Fürer-Haimendorf was the first anthropologist to visit their remote communities in 1944. According to the Apatani, when their ancestors … Read more


The Minhocão is a worm-like creature and seen here with pale skin as it slithers on a murky riverbank

The Minhocão is a cryptid from Brazilian folklore. It is an alleged worm-like or serpentine burrowing creature described as a giant earthworm, eel, or fish. It allegedly lives in shallow or muddy waters, lakes, swamps, bogs, and other slow-moving bodies of water in the Amazon River Basin regions of southern Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru. Alleged … Read more


Champy seen in the water below a bridge. A serpentine like monster with grey skin.

Champ, or Champy, is a monster reputed to be living in Lake Champlain, situated in the American states of New York and Vermont and also partly in Quebec, Canada. Champ is thought to be similar to the Loch Ness monster, and there have been reported sightings in the lake going back 100s of years. Description … Read more