A female ghoul wearing traditional arabic clothing

Ghouls are monsters or spirits which originated from Arabic mythology. More modern interpretations see them as shapeshifting cannibal-like creatures that can change into human form. The folklore of ancient Arabia presents the ghoul (ghūl) as a solitary being dwelling in uninhabited places such as the deep desert or burial grounds. They are said to be … Read more

Kelpies, Each-Uisge, and Water Horses

The kelpie in the form of a huge horse able to run across the ocean. Seen here at night trying to lure a human on to its back.

Scottish and Celtic folklore is rich with stories of various shape-shifting water horses, from the kelpie to the Gaelic each-uisge. They all share some similarities, but there are some differences, though often, these subtleties are lost in translation or get a little mixed up. The tales have been mostly passed down by word of mouth, so … Read more


An image of a Bunyip in water

The bunyip is a legendary animal said to inhabit small rivers, watering holes, and swamps in southeast Australia. The Australian Indigenous people have long told stories about an evil, predatory creature that lived in or near water. The bunyip name comes from the indigenous word for an amphibious spirit being. The creature is considered violent … Read more


A globster seen as a mass of greyish flesh and hair on a beach.

The term “globster” was coined by biologist and writer Ivan T. Sanderson to describe unidentified masses of organic matter that wash up on land from oceans or lakes. Description Although a significant proportion of globsters are eventually identified as basking sharks or other parts of decaying animal carcasses, a number remain unidentified. These globsters are … Read more


A jackalope in the forest. It looks like a cross between a jackrabbit and an antelope,

The legend of the jackalope, a vicious creature said to be a cross between a jackrabbit and an antelope, is said to have originated in Persia. In the USA, jackalopes have become associated with Wyoming, and in 2005, the state named it its Official Mythical Creature. Description Jackalopes are thought to be a cross between … Read more


The Onza sitting overlooking a mountainous landscape colored by a red sun. It is a large cat.

The Onza is a purported big cat, similar in size and characteristics to a small cougar, which is said to live in the mountains of the Sinaloa region in north-western Mexico. The Onza is thought to originate back to the Aztec era when legends suggest they were kept as pets by the elite. Description Cryptozoologists … Read more


A merman with long hair and a fish tail is seen leaping under a huge wave.

Mermen are sea spirits and, physically at least, the male equivalent of mermaids. Collectively the two creatures are often called Merfolk. A Merman is said to have a top half that is similar to a male human and a bottom half that is similar to the tail of a fish. The Merman legend dates back … Read more

Jersey Devil

The Jersey Devil seen here with bat-like wings, cloven feet and a ghastly red mouth.

The Jersey Devil is a legendary creature and one of the world’s best-known cryptids. New Jerseyans have told tales of a cloven-hoofed creature with wings and horns for almost 300 years. The creature’s homeland has traditionally been in the wooded areas of Pine Barrens in the southeast of the state. However, over the years, it … Read more


A kraken with huge red tentacles attacked the bow of a fishing boat.

Kraken are legendary, enormous sea monsters supposedly living near Norway, Iceland, and Greenland. However, sailors have been telling tales of the mysterious Kraken all across the globe for centuries. Description Kraken are described as huge sea monsters with many tentacles. Sailors have reported sightings of Kraken for many generations. These legendary sea beasts are alleged … Read more


Hellhound with spiky fur and red glowing eyes stalks through a smouldering gateway.

Hellhounds are supernatural animals borne out of folklore that have been part of the legends of many countries around the world for centuries. These dog-like creatures are thought to be closely linked to the devil, helping him harvest souls. Description Typically, Hellhounds are described as having black fur and glowing eyes. They are said to … Read more