Sila in the desert

A sílā, sometimes spelled si’la or si’lat, is a spiritual being prevalent within Islam and Arabic folklore. It is female and is mainly known for using magical powers to entice or trick men. It is considered to be similar to a witch from Western cultures. It is a type of jinn. Just like the other jinns, sílā, … Read more

Mogollon Monster

The Mogollon Monster seen here as a very large humanoid/ape hybrid in a mountain scene

The Mogollon Monster is a Bigfoot-like cryptid from the folklore of Arizona. It is allegedly native to the wooded areas of east, central, and southeast Arizona, along the Mogollon Rim, where most sightings occurred. The Mogollon rim, from which the monster gets its name, is a 2,000-foot escarpment that stretches 200 miles eastward across central … Read more


Waheela seen as a white wolf-like creature at the edge of a mountain lake with pines in the distance.

The Waheela is a wolf-like cryptid allegedly native to Canada’s Northwest Territories and Alaska. The creature purportedly hails from the South Nahanni River area. The Nahanni River is a tributary of the Liard River, west of Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories. Although the Waheela is native to northern Tundra regions, it may migrate southward during … Read more

Orang Bati

The Orang Bati seen as a large bat-like creature flying against a dark moon-lit sky

The Orang Bati is a cryptid from the folklore of Indonesia. The cryptid is a ferocious winged monkey- or bat-like creature supposedly native to the forested mountains of Seram (Ceram), the largest island in the Maluku (Moluccas) archipelago of eastern Indonesia, Southeast Asia. Reports have also come from Ambon, another mountainous and forested island, part … Read more

Maltese Tiger

The Maltese tiger seen stalking through a village at night

The Maltese tiger, also known as the blue tiger, is an alleged blue color morph (color variant) of the tiger (Panthera tigris). Most reported sightings of Maltese tigers occurred among the critically endangered South China tiger population. However, there are also claims of sightings of blue morphs among populations in Burma and Korea. Biologists and … Read more

Phantom Cat

A Phantom cat seen lounging on a wall in a village at night.

Phantom cats or Alien Big Cats (ABCs) are exotic felids reported roaming in areas they are not native to. The term also applies to widespread but unconfirmed reports of unknown big cats allegedly roaming a region. Such animals are phantom cats because people report they sighted them, but authorities don’t have evidence they exist. Reports … Read more


A Megalania lizard seen stalking a large flightless bird in an arid environment

Megalania (Varanus priscus, formerly Megalania Prisca) was a giant monitor lizard that lived on the Australian continent. Fossil records suggest the species went extinct about 40,000-50,000 years ago, during the Pleistocene epoch (c. 2.6 million-11,700 years). Based on current estimates of an average body length of 18-23 feet and weight of 580-2,000kg (1,280-4,400lbs), paleobiologists consider Megalania … Read more


A Yeren as a large hairy ape, white in colour against a snowy backdrop.

The Yeren is a bipedal humanoid from the folklore of China. Chinese folklore says the Yeren lives in the remote forested mountains of the Shennongjia Forestry District, northwestern Hubei province, central China. Shennongjia includes more than 3,200 square kilometers of montane forest at an elevation of about 6, 560-6, 900 feet (2,000-2,100 meters). Yeren reportedly … Read more


The Mngwa is a big cat and is seen here lying on the grass.

The Mngwa (or Nunda) is an alleged big cat from the folklore of coastal Tanzania in East Africa. The man-eating cryptid is native to the forests of eastern Tanzania along the Indian Ocean coast. The name Mngwa is from a word meaning “mysterious creature.” The creature’s other name Nunda means the “fierce one.” (George Eberhart, … Read more

Nandi Bear

The Nandi bear snarling in a forest

The Nandi bear is a ferocious cryptid allegedly native to Kenya, East Africa. The folklore originated among the Nandi people of western Kenya. Most reports of the creature come from Nandi County and surrounding areas, including the Uasin Gishu Plateau in the North Rift. The cryptid derives its name from its historical association with the … Read more