Orang Bati

The Orang Bati seen as a large bat-like creature flying against a dark moon-lit sky

The Orang Bati is a cryptid from the folklore of Indonesia. The cryptid is a ferocious winged monkey- or bat-like creature supposedly native to the forested mountains of Seram (Ceram), the largest island in the Maluku (Moluccas) archipelago of eastern Indonesia, Southeast Asia. Reports have also come from Ambon, another mountainous and forested island, part … Read more

Orang Pendek

The Orang Pendek seen here peering through some undergrowth with its ape-like face and long orange hair.

The Orang Pendek (also known as Sedapa) is a cryptid believed to be an ape or primate native to the remote mountainous forests of the islands of Sumatra and Borneo. It is allegedly bipedal (walks on two legs) and stands 2.5-5 feet tall. However, some accounts claim individuals may be over 5 feet tall. The … Read more

Ebu Gogo

A group of Ebu Gogo in a forest clearing.

Unique to the island of Flores, Indonesia, the Ebu Gogo were supposedly small but monstrous human-like creatures. Their small stature has led to them becoming known as the real-life Hobbits. Description The local people known as the Nage have told tales about the Ebu Gogo for many generations. “Ebu” means “grandmother,” and “gogo” means “he … Read more


Ahoy bat like creature with brown wings flying through the night with asian styled buildings in the background

The Ahool is a winged cryptid allegedly native to the remote forests of Western Java, an island part of Indonesia. The creature is reportedly also found on other islands of the Indonesian archipelago. The name Ahool supposedly comes from the howling cry of the creature resonating through the forest as it flies overhead. Alleged eyewitness … Read more