About us

Here at Fairytales and Myths, we are passionate about mythology, legends, and fairytales.

Not only do we enjoy the epic storylines and immense sagas but also the subtle twists in many of the tales. Mythology is part of the way we as humans make sense of the world and often folklore or fairytales are a way of passing down knowledge or even warnings, especially in the past when fewer people could read.

However, that does not mean they only belong in the past. If anything some of the stories are even more relevant today than they have ever been. Like many of Shakespeare’s plays, they deal with core human values and emotions, and as such they are equally ageless.

The cryptozoology and mythical entries are based on a mix of stories written down in numerous books, word of mouth, and newspaper reports. You can find the references we used for each entry at the bottom each post.

The fairy tales have been adapted from the likes of the Grimm Brothers’ collection, with some editing and updating of language to make them a little more accessible to a modern audience and hopefully more entertaining. Most of these stories were passed through word of mouth and many of the same themes reoccur across the tales and indeed the countries and continents from where they were gathered.

In the modern age we still have our monsters and still need our heroes, so perhaps recalling some of these from the past is a useful thing to do.

Be sure to check out our YouTube channel where we will be publishing related videos and hopefully bringing some of these stories even more to life.

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