Lilith is a powerful female demon prevalent within medieval Jewish literature but has deep roots going back thousands of years in ancient Mesopotamian and Babylonian religions. She later became a feminist icon in the late 20th century. Throughout the centuries of her existence, Liith has been chiefly associated with a demonic force that specifically attacks … Read more


Qareen as a shadow following a man in desert

The qareen is a spiritual creature that shadows or acts as a double for a human until the end of the latter’s natural life. The being is primarily considered to be evil and will lead the person astray. It is particularly prevalent among Islamic communities in the Middle East and North Africa. This creature is … Read more


Qarinah legends could date as far back as the Babylonians

The qarinah is a spiritual or demon-like being found mainly within Islamic communities in the Middle East and North Africa. It is associated chiefly with Arabic and Islamic culture, but its roots trace back to ancient Egypt and Jewish sources. In fact, the qarianh may go all the way back to the Sumerian and Babylonian … Read more


Marid as old man sitting by the sea

Marid, often spelled as mārid and occasionally referred to as Blue Jinn, is a type of jinn prevalent within Arabic and Islamic literature and teachings. Like all jinn, the marid is a type of creature that lives in an unseen world on the earth and is classed as a species between an angel and a … Read more


A jinn dressed in arabic clothing with fire wheeling round his hand

A jinn is a type of mythical being prevalent within Islamic teachings and Arabian folklore. It is a feature throughout the Middle East and in other Muslim communities around the world. The jinn are powerful beings with superhuman strengths combined with the ability to perform magic and shapeshift into other creatures and objects. The name … Read more


An ifrit as a muscular demonic figure with flaming wings

An ifrit is a powerful, supernatural being found within Islamic teachings and folklore. The ifrit has come to be classed as a particularly strong type of jinn, a member of a race of spiritual beings created by God from fire, and considered less powerful than angels but stronger than humans. Like other jinn, the ifrit … Read more


Sila in the desert

A sílā, sometimes spelled si’la or si’lat, is a spiritual being prevalent within Islam and Arabic folklore. It is female and is mainly known for using magical powers to entice or trick men. It is considered to be similar to a witch from Western cultures. It is a type of jinn. Just like the other jinns, sílā, … Read more