Hoop Snake

Stylised image of hoop snake in a forest

The Hoop Snake is a cryptid serpent from folkloric traditions across the U.S. and Canada. The Hoop Snake also appears in the ancient traditions of cultures from other parts of the world, including Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. A cosmic serpent that forms a hoop by biting or holding its tail in its mouth occurred … Read more


The mussie seen here as a serpentine lake monster rearing out of a forboding lake

The mussie is a lake monster from Canadian folklore. It allegedly lives in the Muskrat Lake in Whitewater Region, near Cobden village, Renfrew County, Ontario. The legend of the mussie reportedly originated in the early 1900s. However, some claim there were references to the monster in the early 17th-century writings of Samuel de Champlain, the … Read more


Waheela seen as a white wolf-like creature at the edge of a mountain lake with pines in the distance.

The Waheela is a wolf-like cryptid allegedly native to Canada’s Northwest Territories and Alaska. The creature purportedly hails from the South Nahanni River area. The Nahanni River is a tributary of the Liard River, west of Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories. Although the Waheela is native to northern Tundra regions, it may migrate southward during … Read more


The Cadborosaurus seen in swampy water with its long almost hippo like mouth

Cadborosaurus is a sea monster from North American folklore. It is an alleged marine monster native to the North American Pacific Coast. Multiple alleged sightings have occurred in and around Cadboro Bay, south of Vancouver Island, Greater Victoria, British Columbia. Eyewitnesses described the alleged species as a horse- or camel-headed mega-serpentine creature. The name cadborosaurus … Read more


A bigfoot with a huge powerful body crashes through a forest.

Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is an ape-like cryptid of which there have been many reported sightings in the United States and Canada, although their existence has been disputed. Description Bigfoot, which has long been part of American folklore, is described as being similar in stature to a human but larger and covered in hair. … Read more


A rougarou waist deep in a swamp. It has he body of a hairy man and the head of a wolf.

A rougarou is a werewolf-like creature said to inhabit the swamps, fields, and forests of Cajun French Louisiana. Description The legend of the rougarou is thought to have started in medieval France when werewolves were believed to be real. By the 16th century, people who believed in the rougarou thought it to result from a … Read more

Minnesota Iceman

The Minnesota Iceman seen here frozen in a block of ice

The Minnesota Iceman was the alleged carcass of a crypto-hominid displayed as a carnival exhibit at shopping malls, fairs, and other public events in North America (U.S. and Canada). The exhibit toured in the 1960s and 1970s under the supervision of Frank D. Hansen. He claimed the display showed an evolutionary “missing link” between humans … Read more


The serpentine Ogopogo seen on the lake under a moody dark sky, its reflection dark on the still water.

Ogopogo is a legendary lake monster said to inhabit the waters of Okanagan Lake in Canada. The legend originated among the First Nation community, who were part of the Okanagan/Syilx Nation Alliance and lived in the area for 12,000 years. When European fur traders began arriving in the Okanagan Valley in 1809, stories of a … Read more


Champy seen in the water below a bridge. A serpentine like monster with grey skin.

Champ, or Champy, is a monster reputed to be living in Lake Champlain, situated in the American states of New York and Vermont and also partly in Quebec, Canada. Champ is thought to be similar to the Loch Ness monster, and there have been reported sightings in the lake going back 100s of years. Description … Read more


A wendigo with furry hide and a huge skull-like face with large antlers chases some humans in a forest.

The wendigo is a legendary savage beast, often likened to Bigfoot or a werewolf. The legend originates from native American tribes and tells of a violent humanoid creature that preys on humans in the cold, snowy forests of the northern United States and Canada. Description The legend of the wendigo dates back beyond living memory, with generation after … Read more