Nandi Bear

The Nandi bear snarling in a forest

The Nandi bear is a ferocious cryptid allegedly native to Kenya, East Africa. The folklore originated among the Nandi people of western Kenya. Most reports of the creature come from Nandi County and surrounding areas, including the Uasin Gishu Plateau in the North Rift. The cryptid derives its name from its historical association with the … Read more

Zanzibar Leopard

Zanzibar leopard seen on a branch in the rain forest

The Zanzibar leopard was a population of leopards (Panthera pardus) native to Zanzibar Island (Unguja). Zanzibar Island is the largest single island in the Zanzibar archipelago, part of the United Republic of Tanzania. The leopards lived in the dense forests of Unguja, including the Jozani forest, now part of the Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park. … Read more


Popobawa seen with its bat-like wings and head resting on a forest floor

Popobawa is an evil spirit (shetani) in the folklore of Zanzibar. Zanzibar is part of the United Republic of Tanzania in East Africa. It is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean consisting of several islands, including Zanzibar (also known as Unguja) and Pemba Islands. Recurrent episodes of Popobawa mass hysteria in Zanzibar reportedly originated on … Read more

Maltese Tiger

The Maltese tiger seen stalking through a village at night

The Maltese tiger, also known as the blue tiger, is an alleged blue color morph (color variant) of the tiger (Panthera tigris). Most reported sightings of Maltese tigers occurred among the critically endangered South China tiger population. However, there are also claims of sightings of blue morphs among populations in Burma and Korea. Biologists and … Read more

Phantom Cat

A Phantom cat seen lounging on a wall in a village at night.

Phantom cats or Alien Big Cats (ABCs) are exotic felids reported roaming in areas they are not native to. The term also applies to widespread but unconfirmed reports of unknown big cats allegedly roaming a region. Such animals are phantom cats because people report they sighted them, but authorities don’t have evidence they exist. Reports … Read more

Flatwoods Monster

The Flatwoods Monster with red eyes glowing in sillouette against a dark forest with green light.

The Flatwoods Monster (also known as Braxxie, Braxton County Monster, Phantom of Flatwoods) was an alleged 10-foot-tall  humanoid cryptid with a hooded blood-red face that some residents of Flatwoods, Braxton County, West Virginia, reported sighting on the evening of September 12, 1952. The Flatwoods Monster sighting occurred soon after a bright object appeared in the … Read more

Michigan Dogman

The Michigan Dogman seen here with greyish skin and naked torso sanding near a misty lake

The Michigan Dogman is an alleged human-dog cryptid from the folklore of Northern Michigan. The dogman legend may have roots in the legends of the Odawa (Ottawa) tribes of the Manistee River area in the northwestern Lower Peninsula of Michigan. However, the first alleged sighting of the creature in recent history occurred in Wexford County, … Read more


A chupacabra seen as a dog-like creature stalking on a moonlit night.

The chupacabra is a blood-sucking creature of modern legend, with stories of sightings originating in Puerto Rico. There have been thousands of reported sightings of this violent and vicious creature. Description The chupacabra is, as legend would have it, a 4-to-5-feet tall, spiky-backed creature with an oblong skull. The word “chupacabra” translates, somewhat underwhelmingly, as … Read more


a terrifying Yowie chases a man through a wood.

The Yowie is an ape-like creature reported to live in the vast wilderness of Australia. Descriptions of the Yowie have evolved many years, with most modern reports describing a Bigfoot-type animal.  Description The Yowie comes from Aboriginal folklore, with reports often describing it as looking like an ape with red eyes, which are weirdly located … Read more


The Agogwe is a large ape-like creature with tan skin and is pictured in a forest of leafless trees.

The Agogwe is an alleged humanoid creature native to East Africa. It supposedly lives in the dense forests of north-central Tanzania. Reports of the Agogwe have also come from Mozambique. Alleged eyewitnesses describe the creature as hairy and bipedal. According to George Eberhart in his Mysterious Creatures: A Guide to Cryptozoology (2002), the name (Agogwe) … Read more