Nahuelito under the water. Large dragon like creature green with amber eyes

Nahuelito is a serpentine monster supposedly native to Nahuel Huapi Lake, near Bariloche city, in the Province of Río Negro, Patagonia, Argentina. Nahuelito is named after the lake it supposedly inhabits. The legend of Nahuelito reportedly originated among aboriginal tribes, such as the Mapuche. The Mapuche told the first European settlers stories about a monster … Read more


A chupacabra seen as a dog-like creature stalking on a moonlit night.

The chupacabra is a blood-sucking creature of modern legend, with stories of sightings originating in Puerto Rico. There have been thousands of reported sightings of this violent and vicious creature. Description The chupacabra is, as legend would have it, a 4-to-5-feet tall, spiky-backed creature with an oblong skull. The word “chupacabra” translates, somewhat underwhelmingly, as … Read more