Black Shuck

Large black demon like dog in a graveyard at night

The Black Shuck is a cryptid from English folklore. English lore describes the Black Shuck as a large, shaggy, fierce-looking black dog with glowing eyes. Some accounts portray it as a flesh-and-blood hound. Others suggest it is a ghostly apparition skulking in the dark at graveyards, churchyards, and other lonely or deserted places. The mythical … Read more


The scary mothman with large dark wings and glowing red eyes flying along a highway.

Mothman is a legendary creature that appears as a giant flying bird-like monster with humanoid features. The creature is alleged to have terrorized West Virginia between 1966 and 1967, where a spate of sightings led to the creation of a local legend centered around the small town of Point Plesant. Mothman continues to surface occasionally … Read more


The Owlman seen with his humanoid body and owl head and wings, here prowling a graveyard.

The Owlman is, as you would expect, a hybrid of man and owl and is said to frequent Cornwall, England. There have been sporadic sightings of a hybrid bird/man creature in a secluded woodland and a nearby churchyard starting from 1926 up until the most recent sighting in 2019. Some researchers believe he was created … Read more


Hellhound with spiky fur and red glowing eyes stalks through a smouldering gateway.

Hellhounds are supernatural animals borne out of folklore that have been part of the legends of many countries around the world for centuries. These dog-like creatures are thought to be closely linked to the devil, helping him harvest souls. Description Typically, Hellhounds are described as having black fur and glowing eyes. They are said to … Read more