The Owlman seen with his humanoid body and owl head and wings, here prowling a graveyard.

The Owlman is, as you would expect, a hybrid of man and owl and is said to frequent Cornwall, England. There have been sporadic sightings of a hybrid bird/man creature in a secluded woodland and a nearby churchyard starting from 1926 up until the most recent sighting in 2019. Some researchers believe he was created … Read more


Morgawr pictured under the surface of the water with small slippers and a large mouth

The Morgawr is an alleged sea monster in the folklore of Cornwall, South West England. Morgawr means “sea monster” or “sea giant” in the Cornish language. Cornish lore claims the Morgawr lives in the waters in and around Falmouth Bay off the south coast of Cornwall. Most Morgawr sightings occurred along a stretch of the … Read more

Beast of Bodmin Moor

Beast of Bodmin Moor seen as a black panther on a foggy night with fields and village on the moor in the background

The Beast of Bodmin Moor is an alleged big cat from the folklore of Cornwall and Devon in South West England. The cat is supposedly native to Bodmin Moor in the northeastern part of Cornwall but reported sightings also come from other parts of Cornwall and neighboring Devon. Reports about a big cat in Bodmin … Read more