Man-eating Tree

A man-eating tree seen here with a man trapped in its snake like branches

A man-eating tree is a carnivorous tree (or plant) that allegedly captures, ingests, and digests humans (or large animals) for its nutritional needs. Botanists have documented more than 600 carnivorous plant species that can capture and digest animal tissues, but no plant species ingest humans or large animals. However, folklore, legends, and myths from many … Read more


A megalodon seen feeding in the ocean with its huge mouth open.

The megalodon was a giant shark species that lived 2.6 to 23 million years ago, inhabiting the warm oceans of the world. However, there have also been purported sightings in more recent times. Description The megalodon is generally thought to have been between 12 and 21 meters long (40 to 70 feet), making it the … Read more


The scary mothman with large dark wings and glowing red eyes flying along a highway.

Mothman is a legendary creature that appears as a giant flying bird-like monster with humanoid features. The creature is alleged to have terrorized West Virginia between 1966 and 1967, where a spate of sightings led to the creation of a local legend centered around the small town of Point Plesant. Mothman continues to surface occasionally … Read more


A jackalope in the forest. It looks like a cross between a jackrabbit and an antelope,

The legend of the jackalope, a vicious creature said to be a cross between a jackrabbit and an antelope, is said to have originated in Persia. In the USA, jackalopes have become associated with Wyoming, and in 2005, the state named it its Official Mythical Creature. Description Jackalopes are thought to be a cross between … Read more


Hellhound with spiky fur and red glowing eyes stalks through a smouldering gateway.

Hellhounds are supernatural animals borne out of folklore that have been part of the legends of many countries around the world for centuries. These dog-like creatures are thought to be closely linked to the devil, helping him harvest souls. Description Typically, Hellhounds are described as having black fur and glowing eyes. They are said to … Read more


A globster seen as a mass of greyish flesh and hair on a beach.

The term “globster” was coined by biologist and writer Ivan T. Sanderson to describe unidentified masses of organic matter that wash up on land from oceans or lakes. Description Although a significant proportion of globsters are eventually identified as basking sharks or other parts of decaying animal carcasses, a number remain unidentified. These globsters are … Read more


A vampire as a rich nobleman embraces a women in a red dress.

Vampires are said to be human-like beings who feed on the blood of others. They are one of the most well-known and universal of all the monsters. Description The vampire has long been a part of folk legend. Bats are inextricably associated with vampires and the exchange of blood between animals and humans. This mingling … Read more