Loveland Frog

The Loveland Frog seen in a gloomy forest, its a humanoid with frog-like features including bulbous yellow eyes

The Loveland Frog is an alleged froglike humanoid native to Ohio. Reports of the cryptid come from Loveland, a city 25 miles northwest of Cincinnati split between three counties: Hamilton, Clermont, and Warren in southwest Ohio. Locals claim the Loveland Frog lives along the marshy banks or inside the Little Miami River. Some describe the … Read more


An image of a Bunyip in water

The bunyip is a legendary animal said to inhabit small rivers, watering holes, and swamps in southeast Australia. The Australian Indigenous people have long told stories about an evil, predatory creature that lived in or near water. The bunyip name comes from the indigenous word for an amphibious spirit being. The creature is considered violent … Read more

Jersey Devil

The Jersey Devil seen here with bat-like wings, cloven feet and a ghastly red mouth.

The Jersey Devil is a legendary creature and one of the world’s best-known cryptids. New Jerseyans have told tales of a cloven-hoofed creature with wings and horns for almost 300 years. The creature’s homeland has traditionally been in the wooded areas of Pine Barrens in the southeast of the state. However, over the years, it … Read more