Mamlambo under the sea a mermaid type creature with a woman's upper body and a fish tail.

Mamlambo is a mythical shape-shifting water spirit or river goddess in Xhosa and Zulu (South African) mythology. It may manifest as a freshwater reptile-fish monster or a mermaid (woman-fish chimera). According to folklore, Mamlabo lives in the Mzintlava River (Umzimvubu River) near Mount Ayliff township (eMaxesibeni) in the Eastern Cape Province. Description Mamlambo as a … Read more


Inkanyamba in a river near a waterfall. With green skin, red frills on its back and a yellow mouth.

The Inkanyamba is a mythical serpentine or eel-like cryptid from Zulu and Xhosa folklore. The Zulu and Xhosa believe Inkanyamba is a supernatural aquatic creature that lives in turbulent waters at the base of waterfalls. It also lives in lakes and rivers. The waterfall most commonly associated with the creature is Howick Falls near Pietermaritzburg … Read more


a serpent-shaped Grootslang opens its mouth in a scene with a waterfall in the background

The Grootslang is a cryptid from South African folklore. Grootslang means “Great Serpent” in the Afrikaans language of South Africa. Afrikaner legend describes the Grootslang as a gigantic primeval snake that lives in a pit or subterranean cave in a remote part of Richtersveld, a desert in the Northern Cape province of South Africa. Legends … Read more


The Trunko as a gigantic sea creature with pale skin and long snout.

Trunko is a sea monster that was reported in South Africa in 1924. This massive 50-foot-long creature was reportedly seen fighting with two whales off the coast of Margate, South Africa. Description The descriptions of Trunko create a vivid image of an extraordinary creature. One witness, Hugh Ballance, said the creature looked like a giant … Read more