a serpent-shaped Grootslang opens its mouth in a scene with a waterfall in the background

The Grootslang is a cryptid from South African folklore. Grootslang means “Great Serpent” in the Afrikaans language of South Africa. Afrikaner legend describes the Grootslang as a gigantic primeval snake that lives in a pit or subterranean cave in a remote part of Richtersveld, a desert in the Northern Cape province of South Africa. Legends … Read more

Melon Heads

Three Melon Heads pictured in a tunnel, with pale skin and large dome-shaped heads.

Melon Heads are allegedly small-sized humanoid cryptids with large heads native to remote forested parts of Ohio, Michigan, and Connecticut. According to folklore, the creatures live hidden in caves and underground tunnels in the woods but come out at night to attack people and terrorize neighboring communities. Description Melon Head origin stories The description and … Read more