A Manananggal pictured flying with its large wings and humanoid body. Behind the sky is lit by a large moon.

Not to be confused with the Aswang, the Manananggal is a mythical vampiric creature that can separate its upper body from its lower body. Description Believed to have originated in the Philippines, the creature is said to take female form during the day and transform into a hideous killer at night, with huge, leathery, bat-like wings … Read more


The Sigbin seen here as a vampire-like dog creature with horns.

The Sigbin (Sigben, Zegben) is a terrifying cryptid from Filipino mythology. Sigbin folklore is reportedly widespread in the Visayas and Mindanao Islands of central and southern Philippines. Many accounts portray the Sigbin as a vampire or carnivore that lives in remote forests of central and south Philippines and hunts at night for animal and human … Read more


The Tikbalang seen as a green-skinned humanoid in a murky forest

The Tikbalang is a legendary humanoid cryptid from Philippine folklore, said to live in the mountains and forests there. Description “Tikbalang” roughly translates to “demon horse,” and this creature has been part of Philippine folklore since time immemorial. Said to live in the mountains and forests, it is a tall and bony being with extraordinarily … Read more


This Aswang is show as half woman and half nightmare creature with a long tongue and sharp teeth.

The Aswang is the Philippines’ most famous legend, and locals still fear it today. The name is derived from the Sanskrit word “Asura”, meaning “demon”. Description The term “Aswang” is applied to a variety of creatures in Filipino lore. In terms of its popularity or renown in the Philippines, the Aswang is the equivalent of … Read more