Elwetritsch standing with feathers and arms up in a forest.

The Elwetritsch is a bird- or fowl-like cryptid from German folklore. The creature is supposedly native to the forests of the Palatinate region of southwest Germany. However, the folklore occurs in various locales spread over a wide area of southern Germany. The Elwetritsch is only one of several mythical birds from German folklore. Other regions … Read more


A terrifying werewolf with a man's body and the head of a demonic wolf.

A werewolf is a mythological human with the ability to transform into a wolf-like creature. Werewolves are closely related to the Louisiana Rougarou and the Skin-walkers of the Navajo. Description The physical characteristics of werewolves tend to vary by ethnic group. However, they are generally thought of as big, hairy, humanoid wolves that can walk … Read more


The Tatzelwurm seen in the dark with its worm-like body but the head of a pale cat.

The Tatzelwurm is said to be a small, carnivorous, lizard-like creature with the head of a cat and a serpent’s body living in the lower elevations of the Alps of Austria and Switzerland. Description The legend of the Tatzelwurm (claw worm) has been around for hundreds of years. Scientists are split on what it might … Read more


The Wolpertinger looking like a winged hare or rabbit. Its tawny wings outstretched against a dark background.

The Wolpertinger is a legendary hybrid creature said to live in Bavaria, Germany and claimed to have various animal features like antlers, wings, and fangs. This cryptid is often compared to the American Jackalope as its appearance is often described as like a rabbit with antlers. Description The Wolpertinger was named by Bavarians and is … Read more